We didn't invent baking.
Just the passion for it.

If you want to be good at something, you have to do your best

Fischer Brot makes bread. It’s that simple. And that demanding. However, as a family business steeped in tradition and headquartered in Linz, we do everything in our own special way.

They come mostly from Austria. And straight from our heart. For not only do we use top-quality grains, we put joy and responsibility into every bite. Joy, because we’re doing what we do best. Responsibility, because making bread as a symbol for life and healthy nutrition is a duty that we want to honor in every respect. Toward our partners and toward our consumers.

Our name stands for 100% taste.


  • DLG

    Juli 2019

    We are nominated - not just once!

    The German Agriculture Association (DLG) nominates groceries with the so called „DLG-awards“ in gold, silver and bronze. All of the excellent products have to stand a sensoric test, which is held by an independent expert. The number of points given decide whether the grocery gets the nomination for bronze, silver or even gold. We at Fischer Brot are really happy to announce, that our first participation was a great success: 10 products got nominated, 5 of them got silver and the other five scored gold.

The freedom
to do what is right.


4 times the competence
and capacity

From four modern production Locations, we supply our customers in all of Austria and nearby foreign countries with first-class baked goods. Reliable, flexible and fast.

As a family business, we’re free to view our growth as an organic and sustainable process. 

This means that we always combine investments with innovation and the increasing requirements of our customers. As a result, we can now claim four modern production facilities. Every one of them is a highly specialized center for each of our four areas of expertise.