White bread cubes and white bread crumbs

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A company that promises top-quality baked goods needs to back up that claim using objective criteria. And we do just that – in all our areas of expertise. Naturally, this includes “Knödelbrot” (bread cubes for dumplings) and bread crumbs, where we have been the clear market leader in Austria for many years.

Even the bread crumbs from Fischer Brot offer you many advantages, because they’re made from freshly baked Semmels (a type of roll). They give our customers a clear advantage when vying for the favor of consumers. Mainly because bread crumb coatings for Schnitzel and other baked goods will be crispier and tastier.

To ensure our Knödelbrot will more than meet your expectations, we make it from a process developed in house. The most important part is: We bake extra fresh Semmels for this! And according to a recipe that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the end product. Our customers tell us on a regular basis that our dumplings are simply fluffier.


Our products



  • Kaisersemmel-
    brösel 10kg



  • Kaisersemmel-
    brösel 5kg


  • Kaisersemmel-
    brösel 1kg


  • Kaisersemmel-
    brösel 500g


  • Kaisersemmel-
    würfel 5kg


  • Kaisersemmel-
    würfel 1kg


  • Kaisersemmel-
    würfel 500g


Linz factory with bread shop

The center of expertise in Linz is not only the place where we have produced our acclaimed white bread cubes and excellent white bread crumbs since 1978 with about 90 employees on 6,500 m² of space, our entire administration is also located on Nebingerstraße.


Linz Center of Expertise
Nebingerstraße 5
4020 Linz

  • Core business: Producing white bread cubes and white bread crumbs
  • Opened: 1978
  • This factory employs about 90 people
  • 6,500 m2 production area
  • Annual capacity about 11,900 tons
  • Our bread shop in the Linz factory is open Monday to Friday from 6 AM until 11:30 AM
  • Advance orders from the bread shop: +43(0)732 66 67 11 - 28