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Frozen baked goods

Specialities from the new world of baking

Here at Fischer Brot, we think of baking as a creative process, shaped by current trends and consumer preferences. What’s more, the baking experts in our innovation department work their hardest to ensure that products are processed in the easiest, most efficient way possible.

Whether it’s a traditional Austrian baked good or Mediterranean delicacy, our stone oven specialities set themselves apart from the rest, with their rustic appearance, crunchy crust, light crumb and intense, delightful flavour. What’s more, after they’ve been baked in the oven, our products stay fresh for longer and keep their intense flavour thanks to improved water binding. To make this possible, Fischer Brot developed and patented their own AWRS technology.



A baking stone helps to lend rustic baked goods their shape and unique crust. The cooling and quick-freezing process ensures that part baked products have a long shelf -life and quick baking time, but that their integrity is preserved. In a nutshell: our partners benefit from highly innovative baked goods which are one of a kind, setting them even further apart from the competition.



Our products

  • Steinofen
    BIO Kaisersemmel



  • Steinofen



  • Steinofen Kornspitz bestreut



  • Steinofen



  • Steinofen Chiaweckerl



  • Steinofen Sonnenblumen-Weckerl



  • Steinofen Landbaguette



  • Steinofen Olivenciabatta



  • Steinofen Fitnessweckerl



  • Steinofen