Frozen baked goods

Welcome to the
new world of baking

With the fully new AWRS-technology developed by Fischer Brot, we warmly welcome you to the new world of baking. This proprietary process allows us to make frozen partially baked goods that are different from any other baked products available on the market in terms of quality, handling or economy.

Whether Austrian classics or Mediterranean delicacies – in any case, our baked goods will convince you with their unique rustic look and long-lasting, flaky crust. Moreover, they have a delicious soft crumb and intense, pleasant aroma. Furthermore, the products are placed properly in the baking trays, and after being baked quickly at the POS they remain fresh with an intensive taste for longer.



The cooling procedure and quick freezing on cold transfer media is gentle, quick, and ensures a long shelf life. The rustic baked goods obtain their desired form and unique crust by being baked directly on stone slabs. In short: With Fischer’s AWRS technology, you can make yourself more competitive. Just ask our experts!

Our products

  • Steinofen BIO Kaisersemmel


  • Steinofen Kürbiskern-Weckerl


  • Steinofen Kornspitz bestreut


  • Steinofen Rustico


  • Steinofen Chiaweckerl


  • Steinofen Sonnenblumen-Weckerl


  • Steinofen Kornspitz


  • Steinofen Mediterranes Ciabatta


  • Steinofen Landbaguette


  • Steinofen Olivenciabatta


  • Steinofen Fitnessweckerl


  • Steinofen Walnuss-Baguette


Vienna Location 2

The new world of baking Vienna 2 is our newest center of expertise. Since being put into operation in October 2014, we’re blazing a trail for the future of bread production with AWRS technology on 8,000 m². With longer-lasting freshness, more taste, and more rational handling at the POS.

Vienna Location 2
Markgrafneusiedl Factory
Gewerbeparkstraße 1
2282 Markgrafneusiedl/Strasshof

  • Core business: Producing frozen baked goods
  • Opened: 2014
  • This factory employs about 90 people
  • AWRS technology
  • 8.000 m² of production area>
  • Annual capacity about 11,200 tons