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Freshly baked and partially baked goods

Part bakes



Our master bakers and product developers have combined the best of both worlds for this product line, too. Our special production process guarantees that goods are made naturally and that they stay fresh over long periods. We give the dough a lot of time to proof. Our part-baked delicacies must then meet strict quality criteria before they are wrapped in packaging containing protective gas, keeping them moist until they’re un-packed and baked at home. The result: tasty goods with a long shelf life.

Fresh bread &

 sliced bread


Here at Fischer Brot, we implement a two-step process to make the sourdough for crusty bread, farmhouse loaves and whole meal rye. After leavening and loosening the dough with a pre-ferment, the sourdough is left to proof in a special room. The temperature and humidity there provide the optimal conditions for this, creating the particular ratio of lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria which lends our bread its classic flavour that everyone knows and loves.




Our products

  • partially baked goods
  • Sliced Bread
  • fresh bread
  • Kaisersemmeln zum Fertigbacken
    6 Stück


  • Kaisersemmeln zum Fertigbacken
    4 Stück



  • Kornspitz
    zum Fertigbacken
    4 Stück



  • Chiabrot
    350 g


  • Eiweissbrot
    350 g


  • Finnenbrot
    400 g


  • Dinkel-Vollkornbrot
    450 g


  • Roggen-Vollkornbrot
    450 g


  • Weissbrot 375 g


  • Körndlbrot
    500 g


  • Weizenmischbrot
    500 g


  • Sonnenblumen-
    brot 500 g



  • Krustenbrot
    750 g