Freshly baked and partially baked goods

Fresh diversity
in all variations

Our baking tradition has been tried and tested over six decades. So we must have done things right during that time. Actually, for a long time it was our leading expertise in the freshly baked goods sector that fueled our growth. Today, this area of expertise includes two additional product groups: our varieties of sliced bread and Christmas dough assortment.



You can taste the high-quality raw ingredients in every variety of our succulent, tasty “Mühlviertler” sliced bread. You can feel the flair of our bakers when they handle the dough and the generous amount of time we allow for whole grain, mixed grain, and white breads to develop.

As sure as the return of the Christmas holidays, each year we at Fischer Brot produce our beloved Christmas assortment. It always includes our popular doughs for vanilla crescent cookies, fine short pastry, and spicy gingerbread. Our newest member of the dough family, cookie dough, is a true culinary delight with pieces of Belgian chocolate.

We would be glad to offer you additional trendy specialty doughs on request. For example, our spicy spelt gingerbread dough or the delicious chocolate Mürbteig.


Our products

  • partially baked goods
  • Sliced Bread
  • cookie dough
  • Kaisersemmeln zum Fertigbacken


  • Bäckerblume zum Fertigbacken


  • Chiabrot
    350 g


  • Eiweissbrot
    350 g


  • Finnenbrot
    400 g


  • Dinkel-Vollkornbrot
    450 g


  • Roggen-Vollkornbrot
    450 g


  • Weissbrot 375 g


  • Körndlbrot
    500 g


  • Weizenmischbrot
    500 g


  • Krustenbrot
    500 g


  • Eiweissweckerl zum Fertigbacken


  • Lebkuchenteig 1000 g



  • Lebkuchenteig 500 g



  • Vanillekipferlteig 500 g



  • Mürbteig
    500 g



  • Dinkel-Lebkuchenteig 500 g



  • Cookieteig
    500 g



Fischer Brot Werk Pichling

Pichling factory with bread shop

The 11.000 m² Pichling Center of Expertise in Linz is our largest production facility. Here, 108 employees have created the famous freshly baked goods, flavorful sliced bread and our Christmas dough assortment on four production lines since 2002.

Pichling Center of Expertise
Im Südpark 186-190
4030 Linz

  • Core business: Creating freshly baked and partially baked goods, as well as seasonal doughs
  • Opened: 2002
  • This factory employs about 100 people
  • 11.000 m2 production area
  • Annual capacity about 14,900 tons
  • • Our bread shop in the Pichling factory is open Monday to Friday from 6 AM until 11:30 AM and on Sunday from 6 AM to 9:30 AM
  • Advance orders from the bread shop: +43(0)732 66 67 11 - 863