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Welcome to the
new world of baking.

A traditional company keeping pace with the times

In today’s fast-paced world, stability has a special kind of meaning.

Here at Fischer Brot, however, we know that to achieve stability, it is necessary to constantly change and develop, as well as to continuously modernise all aspects of business, keeping our traditional values as a family company at the core.

From product development to management, we do everything with our customers’ success in mind, which ultimately means our success too.


As a modern family business and reliable partner to our customers, we work by the rules of the marketplace. 

This means: the best man wins! With this in mind, we have to think short- and mid-term, as well as in generations to come. This means that we are guided by competition, just as we are by the value of sustainably working together across all areas. Especially where this benefits our customer relations, as a matter of course.