The freedom
to do the right thing.

To get good results, you have to do your best. And each day our employees do just that in the interest of our customers. With complete dedication, in extensive self-responsibility, and with great expertise.



We at Fischer Brot don’t see our employees as capital. Rather, we see them as people with talents and needs that work together on our great mission: To make your collaboration with us as simple, rational and profitable as possible. Because that succeeds best in a climate of mutual trust, respect and fairness, we create the framework conditions for those to thrive.

Flat hierarchies are needed to create the space for personal development which is so important for the working process. It forms the basis for the innovative thinking and goal-oriented action that defines our company. In this motivating environment, our employees mature to strong personalities that assume responsibility in their area of their own accord.

In the end, the fact that our management fulfills a model function at all times and in all matters goes back to our genes as a family business steeped in tradition. Team spirit can succeed only if we demand the same of ourselves that we do of our colleagues.


Because great talent resides in each of our employees, we promote them and we support them.



If you want good results,
you have to do your best.

Fischer Brot makes bread. It’s that simple. And that demanding. For as a family business steeped in tradition and headquartered in Linz, we do everything in our own special way.




OUR PARTNERS COME from the retail food trade, the food processing industry, system catering and wholesale trade. Everyone values the excellent quality of our products and the innovative spirit of our employees, who give their best at four state-of-the-art production facilities in Austria in four areas of expertise. Every day!

This also simply means understanding our partners’ wishes at their core, with no detours. Such as bringing customer-specific product developments to success quickly. Or guaranteeing just-in-time product availability with our own transport fleet and shipping partners.

Because you can taste
what’s in it!

AT FISCHER BROT, WE ONLY BAKE WITH THE FINEST INGREDIENTS. They come mostly from Austria. And straight from our heart. Not only do we use top-quality grains, we also put joy and responsibility into every bite.

Joy, because we’re doing what we do best. Responsibility, because making bread as a symbol for life and healthy nutrition is a duty that we want to honor in every respect. Toward our partners and toward our consumers.


Österreich Landkarte mit Korn

In 2004, Fischer Brot was one of the first Austrian bakeries certified according to the IFS (International Featured Standard – Food). Today, all four bakeries are certified at the “highest level”. This guarantees our customers a quality management system that has been put into practice for many years, focusing on the utmost product safety and ongoing improvement.

We have many organic products in our product range. By using carefully selected organic raw ingredients, we support sustainable agriculture and avoid the use of pesticides in the field and dispense with additives in our products.

The AMA seal of approval stands for quality baked goods from Austria. From raw ingredients to creation – all processes are transparent and periodically controlled. The raw ingredients for our AMA products include grains, regionally typical seeds and milk products from Austrian agriculture.

UTZ promotes the sustainable production of coffee, cocoa and tea – and thereby for a better and more sustainable world – with better prospects for farmers, their families, and our planet. As a participant in the UTZ Certified Program, we support the sustainable cultivation of cacao.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is a global initiative of multiple interest groups that promote the sustainable cultivation of palm oil products. The chief goal of the RSPO is to cultivate and use palm oil sustainably through cooperation with the members along the supply chain. Fischer Brot has been an associate member of RSPO since 2015. Follow us on

ISO 50001
In an age of increasing energy costs and resources that are becoming more scarce, it is increasingly important to handle energy carefully. Fischer Brot has been certified according to ISO 50001 since December 2015. The purpose of this energy-specific standard is to build systems and processes that are necessary for improving energy-related performance. Energy management that systematically uses those standards helps to reduce energy consumption, energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental hazards.

Research and development is one of our cornerstones. That is the reason why we became industrial partners and part of the EU-research project NEFI – New Energy for Industry. The aim oft he project named „EDCs Proof“ - which we developed together with the Austrian Institution for Technology (AIT) and the Technical University of Vienna (TU) - was to find better solutions concerning the energy supply of baked goods. „EDCs Proof“ created a future concept to decarbonate industrial energy by using digitalisation. We especially focused on online, predictive, holistic and reconfigurational regeneration of ecological factors. The concept is developed further and both, scale and possible applications for different industrial sectors, will intensively invenstigated in terms of technical, economical and and ecological factors. For further information please click there: NEFI-Website und AIT-Website

Fischer Brot stands for the highest in product quality. This is reflected by essential certifications.