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In our times of rapid change, stability becomes more and more valuable. We at Fischer Brot also refine this value with the innovative capability of a market leader and the reliability and seriousness of a family business with about six decades of history. We do everything for the success of our customers, because in the end, it’s our success too.

Regardless of our status as a family business, we obviously work consistently according to the rules of the free market. Its most important law is: The better company wins! However, we believe that being “better” doesn't have to mean being inconsiderate, inhumane or unfriendly. Therefore, we carry the quality of family togetherness into our company, in those areas where it helps us achieve success. In other words, almost everywhere.



Fischer Brot


Great stories almost always begin with a great idea. And so it began for Hildegard and Wilhelm Fischer, at a time when the global economy was experiencing ist first recession of the post-war era.
Opening a bakery in Linz and hiring an apprentice, however, proved to be a project with a future, even at that time.


In 1992, just a few years after Fischer Brot had been crowned the “King of the Semmel” (a traditional Austrian crisp bread roll), tragedy struck, shaking the company to its core: founder Wilhelm Fischer passed away.

However, Business was only affected for a short time, as Wilhelm had already had the sense to pass all his knowledge on to his three sons, Hubert, Alfred and Roland, so the next generation was able to take charge without delay.


Fischer Brot’s history has always been shaped by making investments and coming up with innovations at the right time. With the development of AWRS technology and opening of their fourth premises close to Vienna in 2015, they once again showed the strength and courage needed to really move forwards and benefit all stakeholders involved.

And so Fischer Brot officially declared the new world of baking open in 2015, a memorable year.


After many years together in the management, Roland and Alfred Fischer have ended their operational activities as of August 2020 and have entered a well-deserved retirement. Both will remain with the Fischer Brot company as members of the supervisory board.

Exercising the foresight and consideration only a family company could, Fischer Brot made an important decision about the future of their management. Managing Directors Hubert Fischer and Stefan Huemer form a dynamic pair, working together with the skillful members of the Management Board to further cement the company’s position as market leader.